Although a holiday to Bali, whereby you stay in one of the many Bali villas which are available for rent, is somewhat different from the norm, there are still many aspects of that holiday that will be identical to other holidays. One of those is the list of items that you should take with you to the extent that they should be regarded as essential.

We dare say you can think of many of them, however, if you are unsure, or if this is your first overseas holiday for some time and you are struggling to recall what you took last time, we are going to assist you. Below, we have outlined seven of the items which almost everyone will need with them on a holiday to Bali, or indeed any other holiday destination.

Travel Documents

The travel documents we are referring to will include your passport and holiday visa which will allow you to enter Bali. In addition to these, you should also ensure that you have details of your Bali villa booking, your travel insurance, and a record of any vaccinations you have had. As well as the physical documents, we recommend you also store digital copies on your mobile or tablet.

Local Currency And Credit/Debit Cards

Whilst many holiday destinations will not require you to carry much cash, Bali is not one of them. There are many markets where the stall holders do not have a card machine, and some small stores which are likewise, so you are going to require cash for payment. Thankfully, there are plenty of ATMs, so you need only to carry the amount you need for each day.

First Aid Kit

Whilst we hope no one in your holiday party has any accidents, there is always the chance of some minor mishap. This is why we suggest that you take a first aid kit that contains the essentials such as plasters, antiseptic cream, bandages, cotton wool, and a small pair of scissors.


One of the most important items you must make sure is packed before you travel to Bali is the medications that any member of your travelling party requires. Also, take their prescription as proof that it is a genuine need should you be stopped at border control. Also, take some painkillers and stomach relief tablets in case either is required.

Device Travel Chargers

Doubtless, everyone who has one will be taking their mobile phone with them to Bali. There may be other electrical devices such as a tablet or a laptop plus some personal items like a hair dryer and an electrical shaver. Whatever the electrical items that are being taken, ensure their respective chargers are also packed along with at least one adapter that can fit in Bali power sockets.

Personal Hygiene Products

Some of these will be generic such as toothpaste and sun tan lotion, and others will depend on the age, gender, and personal preferences of individuals and include sanitary products, aftershave, make-up, and supplements. Whether any of these or any other personal items, ensure they are packed as they may not be available in Bali.


Given that there is almost an unlimited number of activities, excursions, and attractions in Bali, we recommend that, rather than waiting until you arrive in your Bali villa to plan your itinerary, you research it and agree upon it before travelling, This gives you more time to plan everything to ensure you have the best time possible in Bali.