Seminyak is the shopping hub of Bali with a multitude of shopping malls and boutiques which are bound to attract the shopaholics to the area. It comes as quite a surprise that the area is so densely populated with many luxury villas and boasts the highest land prices in Bali considering the fact that it was just a land full of rice fields just about ten years ago. The routes that link the coastal communities of Kuta, legian and Seminyak are immensely congested and tourists are encouraged to take a walk instead of using the wide variety of transportation options including taxis as they will certainly get stuck in the dense traffic.

The beaches at Seminyak are certainly a sight to behold with endless stretches of sand as far as the naked eye is able to reach. These beaches are popular for the beautiful sunset scenery and they attract millions of tourists every year. The beaches are still considerably quieter and more peaceful as compared to that further south in the Kuta area. These beaches are also host to some of the best bars and restaurants in the area which allow tourists to enjoy the beautiful beach scenery with a sip of cocktail and chilled beer. Ku De Ta, for example, is a world famous restaurant which is also located on the beaches of Seminyak.

One of the best attractions of the Seminyak area is the wide range of world class massage and spa service centers. These treatment centers are highly sophisticated with a very calming and soothing ambience which is sure to kick the fatigue and stress out of you. Although, these services are quite expensive as compared to other areas in the Bali region, they still provide a lot more value and are cheaper than the usual rates for such services all over the world. With continued and rapid development, the area has now seen the emergence of many luxury villas which are one of the best when compared to other Bali Villas.

Food and restaurants are one of the major strengths of the area as the quality standards of the dining options are at par with any expensive restaurant in the world. If you ever happen to visit Bali, having a spectacular meal at one of the restaurants in the Seminyak area is a must for you. The prices are higher as compared to other areas in Bali but the quality of food ensures that you get the maximum value for your money in every way.