Kuta possesses everything for all kinds of people. The destination holds the ability to cater thousands of people from all around the globe. The luxury villas and hotels are relatively much cheaper as compared to other Bali villas. Hard Rock Hotel, Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, Harris Hotels, Grand Istana Rama, Kuta Bali Hotel and Mercurre Hotels are some of the places where you can feel the comfort of your home. Surfing Kuta can be done with the use of car, taxi or motorbike. It is recommended that surfers should walk rather than taking a cab or renting a car. Traffic jams are commonly witnessed in Kuta. It is due the huge number of crowds coming to Kuta every year.

There’s a lot to do when you are in Kuta. You may explore the beach, shipping malls, restaurants and night clubs. The nightlife in Kuta is vibrant and alive. The nightlife in Kuta starts around 12am. You may find the pubs and bars empty in the evening. However, by midnight these places are full of dancers, drinkers and surfers. Kuta welcomes people from all around the world enabling you to get to know people belonging to different cultures and countries. Taking a sunbath is a must thing on the lovely Kuta beach sand. The place has developed in recent years to an unbelievable extent. Surfing schools have also opened in Kuta.

Women can enjoy the cheap relaxing and soothing treatments in Kuta. Within $2-6 you may have Hair Braiding. Manicure and pedicure costs $10 each. A 90 minutes foot and back shoulder reflexology massage costs around $3 to $5. You can also attain all kinds of tattoos in $3. Do experience the delicious local food in Kuta. The best place to get the local taste is the street stalls. You will find several stalls on your way to Kuta which provide the local food. Sweet Rojak, Bakso, Teh Botol, Nasi Uduk and Nasi Padang are some of the favorite local meals in Kuta. However, the food on the stalls is not completely hygienic so try it at your own risk.

Enjoy your getaway in Kuta by experiencing the soothing effect of sand, captivating sunsets, fresh sea breeze and people from all around the world.