The island of Lombok has many smaller islands such as Gili Islands. Lombok’s tropical climate has two different seasons. From March to October the dry season remains whereas from November to March the wet season appears. No matter in which season you come, you can enjoy sunbathing, scuba diving and other water sports all the time. The fun with scuba diving at this island doesn’t seem to end. In the south of Lombok you can find many resorts that possess the ability to satisfy all your needs.

Gili Asahan is an idyllic boutique resort in the southwest of Lombok. The resort offers a lifetime experience of scuba diving and snorkeling in its surroundings. You can also rent a boat from the resort in order to explore nearby islands. The Gili Asahan resort offers 4 spacious bungalows. The bungalows contain queen size beds and half open bathrooms. The bathrooms possess hot shower facility as well. The wide porch allows you to relax after an exciting day on the island. The restaurant possesses western touch in its architecture. The restaurant offers delicious local food to the visitors.

If you like to experience more of the remote areas then you must visit the Belongas Bay. This bay has the most famous dive sites, “The Magnet” and “The Cathedral”. However, it is recommended to the experienced divers to dive in The Magnet. The water is crystal clear and scuba diving can be a huge fun here. However, there is only one place to stay in the Belongas Bay.

The luxury villas in Lombok are absolutely smashing and amazing as compared to several Bali villas. Quinci villas, Almarik villa, Pao Pao villa, Rambulan villa and The Santosa villa are some of the best villas in Lombok. The view from these villas is beautiful and scenic. If you are planning to spend a holiday with your family in Lombok then you should rent a villa in order to relish every moment of your vacation. Kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, terrace, porch, pool and garden are all made up of the highest standards. The people of Lombok heavily rely on tourism for their living as they don’t have many ways to earn a living.

Lombok International Airport adds to the convenience of the people wishing to explore this part of the world. Enjoy your vacation on the beautiful beach of the Lombok Island with your loved ones.