Umalas possess inexpensive private villas, scenic sights and huge list of modern day facilities. Umalas is a village in Bali which is surrounded by eye pleasing sights such as rice fields and traditional buildings. The village represents true culture of Indonesia. The rice fields are rich in quality rice. You may simply enjoy your time by looking at these rice terraces. Another way to enjoy your time in Umalas is to lay yourself on the beach and have a sunbath. In the streets of Umalas you may enjoy the delicious local food. There are many other ways to enjoy your vacation in Umalas.

Rent a private villa in Umalas to experience a unique holiday trip in Indonesia. Experience the countryside living in by staying in Umalas. Couples, families and larger groups are all welcomed by Umalas villas and hotels. These villas are designed differently for couples, families and larger groups. The prices depend upon the facilities which these villas offer.

For a family, two bedroom villas are present in Umalas. These villas cost around $250 per night. However, during peak season time these villas cost around $450. The bedrooms are equipped with an AC and a Fan. Some of the villas also offer pick up and drop off services from and to the airport. You don’t need to find a cab to reach your villa when you are at the airport because the villa staff will be there to pick you up. When you plan to end your vacation simply inform the villa staff as they would arrange a car for your drop off to the airport. Every private villa possesses a swimming pool. The pool is open air as it is located in the garden. A satellite connected TV is present in the lounge to keep you entertained throughout your stay. A fully equipped kitchen is present for you to cook your own food. You may order food from the restaurants in Umalas if you don’t feel like cooking the meal yourself.

A private villa enables you to feel the comfort of your home along the fun of vacation. Enjoy your getaway in Umalas by renting a private villa.