The presence of several luxury private villas makes Tanah Lot as one of the stronger candidates in the list of most desired holiday destinations in Bali. The five star Nirwana Bali resort is built on the top of a sheer cliff. Whenever you plan to explore Bali just come to Tanah Lot to witness the real glimpse of Indonesian culture, traditions and religion. You may accommodate yourself at the Nirwana Bali resort in order to enjoy your holiday in Bali. Tanah Lot is located in the Tabanan Regency which gives you the opportunity to explore a lot of places when you come to visit the holy temple.

Tanah Lot temple holds immense importance from the religious point of view for the Hindus in Indonesia. It is known to be the most sacred temple of the seas. People from every part of the country come to offer prayers at the Tanah Lot temple. Tanah Lot temple is also known as the baby of the seas. Experiencing sunset is one way to please yourself. The nature is abundant in the surroundings of Tanah Lot. Black and white snakes are present around the coral reef as they are kept as the protectors of the holy temple.

The temple is a place for the Hindus to offer prayers and meditate as well. The God of Dewa Baruna is worshipped at the temple of Tanah Lot. Dewa Baruna is also known as Bhatara Segara which is meant to be the forces of the sea. When you are in Tanah Lot, you must visit the temple to see its amazing architecture. One must learn about the history of the God and temple as it holds immense importance in the Hindu religion.

A strange animal can be seen moving around the Tanah Lot temple. The animal is a water snake which doesn’t have skin over its stomach. No skin over the stomach makes this water snake look weird and mysterious. However, the snake hasn’t harmed any visitor as there have been no such reports ever. The snake is of a passive nature so it doesn’t intimidate the visitors. However, it is recommended not to bother the snake instead enjoy the beautiful sights from the temple.

The next time you plan your holiday do consider Tanah Lot, Bali as your holiday destination to relish the culture, nature’s beauty and Hindu religion.

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