Roads to Karangasam were completely out of shape a year ago. People didn’t visit Karangasam because it took 2 and half hours of travelling. However, recent development plan for the northern areas of Bali has made positive changes. Roads to Karangasam have been constructed and it is only an hour’s travelling now. With the recently constructed roads you must not hesitate to explore this heavenly part of Bali. Other changes that occurred with the development plan included 5 star luxury hotels’ and villas’ construction. When you plan to explore Karangasam you can stay in one of these hotels or villas. Padangbai is a fishing village which possesses crystal clear blue waters and white sand beaches. It is located at the end of Amuk Bay. In the north, a small town Manggis possesses two of the world’s most famous resorts, Amankila and Alila.

When you plan to explore Karangasam make sure that you decide to stay in Candi Dasa. Travelling to Karangasam would take only 20 minutes as the roads are absolutely fine. Candi Dasa possesses some of the best Bali villas. No other Bali villas are as good as these luxury villas. Hotels, villas and restaurants in Candi Dasa are built right on the water. Candi Dasa is growing in terms of popularity due to its several exceptional features. Recently two projects were started for the development of Candi Dasa, The Emerald Bay Villas and The Orion’s Beach Villas. Both the projects are designed to match world’s highest hospitality standards. The Emerald Bay Villas and The Orion’s Beach Villas are being built in the north of Alila and AmanKila hotels. Both the projects have occupied the absolute beachfront place in the north of Candi Dasa.

Emerald Bay Villas include 7 five stars villas’ on the absolute beachfront. Orion’s Bay Villas is a project consisting 7 villas which include 4 on the beachfront. Orion’s Bay Villas are expected to be sold between $440,000 -$740,000.

A holiday destination must be the one which can provide you peace and comfort. Candi Dasa is the place where you can find immense peace, comfort and convenience. Just a few kilometers away from Karangasam, Candi Dasa is surely to be your place for the stay in order to explore the nearby areas like Karangasam. Possessing all the modern day facilities Candi Dasa is expected to grab more and more visitors in the near future.