Ubud is 35 kilometers away from The International Airport. The centralized location of this charming place makes it convenient for the visitors to have easy access to the nearby areas. Transportation is easily available in Ubud. You can easily find taxis at affordable rates. The centralized location of Ubud allows the visitors to explore the culture, restaurants, beaches, sea and other amazing areas.

Ubud, The Cultural Hub

Art, artists, writers, collectors, tourists and nature’s lovers are the words to describe culture of Bali. Ubud has no dearth in presence of Balinese culture. Art Galleries, paint exhibitions and workshops are conducted every now and then in Ubud. The place is always filled with tourists and surfers. Although, Ubud is crowded mostly but it still possesses the peaceful environment for the tourists.  Ubud is the best place to choose as your holiday destination if you are looking to experience the Indonesian culture. The best part is that the culture is full of colors and events so it doesn’t seem to bore the tourists coming from all around the globe.

The Shopping Center

Shopping in Ubud is fun and amazing as you get to see unique pieces of handicrafts and artwork. Local flower fields, beautiful jewelry, uniquely crafted bowls, and handmade essential oils are some of the things which will bring a shopaholic person out of you. Celuk, the silver capital of Bali is one place where you must do silver shopping. The silver jewelry will gain your interest the moment you’ll see it.

Affordable Accommodation

Accommodation in Ubud is affordable and easy to find. The luxury villas in Ubud are relatively cheaper as compared to other Bali villas. The villas and hotels in Ubud hold on to beautiful sights in their surroundings. Mountains, rice fields and other incredible sights are present around the hotels and villas in Ubud.


Food in Ubud is absolutely delicious and yummy. The restaurants in Ubud provide all kinds of food. International and local menus are available at the restaurants at affordable prices.

Therapies and Massages

Your visit to Ubud is incomplete without the Balinese massage. It is done with essential oils to unwind and relax the muscles of human body. Every day, visitors travel a lot in order to explore new places during their vacation so a massage would come in handy at the end of the day. The reiki therapy is famous among the people of Ubud. It is known to provide relaxation, peace and comfort to the massage taker.

All these reasons are enough for anyone to choose Ubud as their holiday destination. Pack your bags and plan your vacation in Ubud to experience the Indonesian culture.