Match your preferred type of vacation here with these five Balinese tourist destinations:

Cultural – The heart of Balinese culture is definitely Ubud. It’s like the Paris of Bali; it’s alive with museums and theaters, and it’s the heart of arts and crafts culture in all of Bali. Originally, this descends from a tradition where citizens would create crafts, useful items, and objects of art as tribute to the king under their old feudal system.

Romantic – This is a tough call, because there’s so many places to choose from in this sun-soaked tropical jewel. But we could recommend Jimbaran. It’s a quaint fishing village by the sea, which features a small number of seafood restaurants and tiki-type cafes. It’s renowned for its spectacular sunsets.

Luxurious – Perhaps you want a more civilized experience without so much a feeling of “roughing it”? Seminyak is your answer! It’s about as upscale and swanky as Bali gets, filled with luxury villa rentals, spas, upscale shopping districts, and frou-frou cocktail bars that serve a fruit salad on the rim of a drink in a coconut shell.

Adventurous – Ah, now you want action! Amed is the highest recommendation for the extreme-sports type. It’s midpoint between the coast of Tulamben, site of the WWII US Liberty shipwreck for scuba divers, and Mount Agung, the tallest point in Bali and an active volcano with great climbing. In between, a lot of extreme biking and open forest filled with Bali’s exotic wildlife.

Relaxing – Well, for the languid toes-in-the-sand tropical experience, there’s the sub-island Nusa Lembongan, with white sand, hot blue lagoons, miles of unspoiled beaches, a less hectic pace, and a few well-stocked bookstores.