If you have gone to Bali on holidays you will surely have fallen in love with this amazing part of the world with it’s warm climate and friendly culture. You might even have thought about starting up a business of some kind in your favourite location, since there are many advantages of doing so. You would need to advertise it online. If so it’s a good idea to have your web design done by an Australian seo company so the web designers can aim it at Australian customers.

Digital agencies from Australia that have some knowledge of Bali will be the best people to get your website up and running. You could even use your website to sell goods from Bali on online as well as selling from your shop, if that is the kind of business you decide on.

 In any case, here are several advantages to starting a business in Bali

  • Workers and material are affordable in Bali, if you have to build any part of your building.
  • Many tourists flock to Bali in all seasons, although not quite so much in the hottest part of the year, so you can take a break then if you need to.
  • The people are accepting of foreigners in their midst, especially those that aid the economy of their region.
  • There is quite likely to be less red tape to set up a business in Bali. However, it is still imperative to follow the rules and regulations for setting up and running a business in this country.
  • Living expenses in Bali are very affordable
  • You can set prices at the same rate that tourists are used to paying elsewhere and benefit from the much lower operating rates in Bali, thus making a bigger profit. Or you can set prices lower and sell more, since so many people love a bargain. You will still make a good profit.
  • Office space rental is much lower than in western countries
  • Small businesses in Bali pay little or no income tax
  • Wages are so small that you can easily afford help in the house as well as hiring employees. They are even less than in other Asian countries such as Thailand.

Before you rush in to starting up a business, it is wise to do your research, just as you would for starting up a business at home. You can get information online, but you must have the appropriate visa for living in Bali and starting a business. Any illegal business owners face deportation at the least and heavy fines and imprisonment at worst. It might seem very complicated to get the right licenses, but without them you risk having your dream dashed, not to mention paying the penalties.