If you choose to stay in one of the many great villas while on vacation, and you’re the least bit interested in watersports, you’ve hit the jackpot! Bali has three islands to the southeast which have a reputation as one of the premiere water sports areas of the world.

Nusa Penida The biggest of the three, by far. A wild tropical paradise with spectacular bays ideal for freediving, snorkeling, and general water frolicking. As this site on Bali diving shows, many package tours and guided trips await you. Here’s a video that gives you some taste of the Nusa Penida diving experience – check the menagerie of tropical fish among the coral at 1:00, manta rays at 1:36, and the bizarre, alien-like eel at 6:10.

Nusa Lembongan Only 8 square kilometers in size, this is a secluded tropical paradise offering ideal diving, snorkeling, and surfing opportunities. Clear aqua-blue waters, pearly white sand, and beach-side campgrounds straight out of Gilligan’s Island make this a perfect Pacific adventure.

Nusa Ceningan Little brother to the other two islands, this is the most secluded location smack in between the other two and is usually not crowded, even in July and August. Also features milder surf breaks for the more timid surfer, and a little bungalow complex only opened in 2009.

Your best bet to access this little paradise from the mainland is by boat, but some helicopter travel is possible.