Many holidaymakers, when holidaying in Bali for the first time, choose Bali villas as their accommodation, and lots of them do so because they believe it will give them the maximum flexibility on their holiday and it may seem more like home from home than staying in a hotel. For example, in Bali villas, not having to get up at certain times for breakfast, and being able to have whatever you want for breakfast, can be extremely appealing.

It also has to be noted that on your first trip to Bali, and whilst staying in a Bali villa, you will notice there are many differences from home, and the more you are aware of these local differences, the better your holiday will be. So, here is our short guide to your first holiday in a Bali villa.

Best Time to Visit Bali

Bali has a tropical climate so there will be no need to pack cardigans, scarves, and gloves. However, it does have both a dry and rainy season, with the latter being between October and April, so our advice is to go to Bali between May and September if you do not wish to pack your umbrella.