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Surfing in Bali

Bali is the home of surfing in Indonesia. This is where surfing first started in this country and till date this remains one of the top surfing destinations. The geographic location and the conscientious efforts by the Indonesian government to promote the island as a tourist destination mean that you probably have the perfect destination to enjoy surfing in Bali.

Surfing Destination
There is a reason why Bali is so popular for surfing and it is the natural gift that this island has. The seas near Bali create the perfect waves that make for ideal surfing. The long waves that curl up perfectly give even the more experienced surfers the thrills of surfing out in the ocean. In fact, the discovery of these fantastic waves in the 1970’s was what put this rustic island on the world map as a good tourist destination. Within a few decades, Bali has grown and evolved into a leading spot for surfing.

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Kuta Beach, Bali

Bali is so plentiful in rich attractions and activities that it’s easy to miss the number-one tourist attraction. Could it be the Sacred Monkey Forest and temple of Ubud, or the majestic temple tour of Tanah Lot? No, actually, by terms of sheer numbers, Kuta Beach, in the far southern reach of Bali, draws the most visitors!

The district of Kuta is a very well-developed city, just like anyplace in the Western world. Its commercial district is densely lined with shops and boutiques, lined with shaggy palm trees. It was the first, out of all Balinese locations, to see the beginning of the tourist boom. Outside of the main town area, called Legian, there is the suburb of Seminyak, where many emigrants settle. There is also the area Tuban, lined with tourist-oriented businesses as well.