Bali is the home of surfing in Indonesia. This is where surfing first started in this country and till date this remains one of the top surfing destinations. The geographic location and the conscientious efforts by the Indonesian government to promote the island as a tourist destination mean that you probably have the perfect destination to enjoy surfing in Bali.

Surfing Destination
There is a reason why Bali is so popular for surfing and it is the natural gift that this island has. The seas near Bali create the perfect waves that make for ideal surfing. The long waves that curl up perfectly give even the more experienced surfers the thrills of surfing out in the ocean. In fact, the discovery of these fantastic waves in the 1970’s was what put this rustic island on the world map as a good tourist destination. Within a few decades, Bali has grown and evolved into a leading spot for surfing.

The best part about the Bali seas is that depending on where you are you can get waves that suit your style of surfing. For the experienced surfers, the waters around Padang Padang and Uluwatu towards the northern side of the island provide the perfect settings for quality surfing. If the tall waves are too challenging for you, you can look at Dreamland and Kuta towards the South western region. The calmer waves provide novices and less experienced surfers the ideal platform to hone their surfing skills.

Best Surfing Seasons
Bali really has just two seasons: dry season from April to October and wet season for the rest of the year. The only difference between the two times of the year is the humidity levels and rains. Being in the middle of oceanic winds, Bali guarantees great waves to surf throughout the year around. During the dry season, the waves are more predictable. With the trade winds blowing from East to South East you get some awesome surfing sites along the west coast. The dry season is usually the most popular season for tourists as they do not have to face the rains. So you will have to encounter crowded waves during the dry months.

During the wet months of the year, things can get a bit tricky. While you still get great waves to surf, the challenge goes up a notch. You not only get left handed waves but some real good right handed ones too. The direction of the trade winds now kind of reverse and Bali’s east coast starts bustling with surfing activities. The best part about the wet season surfing is that you will find a lot less surfers giving you ample space and empty waves to surf.

Come Prepared for Surfing
If you are planning to surf Bali just make sure you come prepared with all your gear. Along with the regular surfing gear you would also need some precautionary things like rash vests, reef boots, sun glasses, hats or caps, sunscreen cream and a mosquito net. If you were to miss any of these, there are ample stores around the coast that can replenish your stock. If you want to capture memories to take back home get a good camera as you will not be short of photography opportunities.

Surfing in Bali is truly fun for beginners and experts. Pick the time of the year that suits you the most and the location which offer you the best surfing opportunities.