Brides Magazine chose reputable Virtuoso to decide where the top honeymoon destinations were. Collaborating with the revered travel network, Virtuoso, Brides magazine was able to have access to 7,200 elite travel specialists, questioning each as to where they considered the best destinations for newlywed couples. Brides Magazine took advantage of Virtuoso’s more than 60 years of travel expertise.

Their survey decided that Italy, French Polynesia and Maui were the three top destinations, but wait… because Bali was also listed as a top honeymoon destination. I mean as prestigious as being in the top three might be, you don’t have to be there to be great, and Bali is certainly a place newlywed should consider travelling to for their honeymoon.

Indulge in some culture, a little adventure, and plenty of luxury celebrating your wedding in Bali. Lush hills that roll on forever, golden beaches to walk along, secluded resorts, incredible temples, and all the while enjoying the beautiful backdrop. Bali has certainly earned its name “Island of the Gods.”

Spend a day leisurely strolling through a local village, indulge in a couple’s spa, tour the magnificent art galleries, watch some of the fabulous traditional dance performances, and soak up some rays, participate in water sports, take a stroll through one of the national parks, or head off to one of the secluded lakes.

There are some fabulous dining opportunities that you won’t want to miss. Be sure to engage in some of the local dining experiences – you’ll not only love the food, you’ll love the local atmosphere. It really does take your dining to a new level.

Bali has so much to offer, that you’ll never get bored, and it’s very affordable. In fact, you will get way more for your money than many other destinations. Don’t be surprised if you are already planning your return trip before you ever finish your first vacation.