Whether your Bali vacation destination is a bustling, major city like Denpasar or Ubud or a quieter, remote locale, getting around town will be a necessity. While Bali, being a relatively small island, doesn’t have things like railways or major freeways, it is a very well-civilized culture in most places with paved roads and traffic laws, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

  • Buses and shuttles – The most common form of transportation, Bali buses are run by the Perama bus company and have stations in most major tourist locations. There is also the newer Trans Sarbagita bus company, set up in 2011 by the Balinese government. Shuttles are also available from most villas and tourist areas, and are cheap and reliable.

  • Taxis and bemos – Metered taxis have started to replace bemos in most areas. Bemos are a type of minivan shuttle which has been the traditional way for the locals to get around. Taxi stands are again the same the world over, and you should have no problem getting used to them.
  • Rental car with driver – A more conservative option for the more well-heeled traveler, a chauffeur is a great bet for the tourist who wants maximum mobility without fear of getting lost or running afoul of traffic laws.
  • Rental cars, motorcycles, and bicycles – These are quite common in Bali as well, but be advised that Bali has traffic laws and when they give you a helmet with a motorcycle, they expect you to wear it. Save for bicycles, this option should only be considered if you possess an international driver’s license and are at least fluent enough to read the street signs.

Here’s one helpful site on Bali transportation which should provide more information.