Any young student should take advantage of that opportune time of their early 20s to travel the world and see the sights. It broadens the mind, stimulates the intellect, and gives you some great stories to tell in your advancing years. And Bali provides one of the best experiences of all.

  • General Student Info – Actually, it’s also good basics for anybody to know.
  • A post about a nurse’s student exchange program – Just one example of the opportunities there are out there.

  • Bali Green School – Environmentalists, naturists, and biologists of any stripe will love taking a tour here. Exchange ideas and take home some stories to share with your own ecologists’ front back home.
  • Five Days in Bali – An educational program at
  • An alliance of US-Bali students for doing charity work. – Looks great on a resume, and you get some cultural experience and practical lessons in logistics.