If you want to immerse yourself in the culture of Bali while you are there, visiting some of the museums will help you to find out about its history. Once you’ve settled down in your Canggu Villa and had a restful night’s sleep you’ll feel ready for anything. Visiting a museum will educate you on the history of Bali and add an interesting spot to the day.

Here are some of the different museums in Bali.

  1. If you enjoy Balinese art, the Museum Puri Lukisan or “Palace of Paintings” is for you. Taking a walk through all of the three buildings will enable you to see how the art has changed over the years since 1930. In the grounds outside, a beautiful garden and lotus ponds will fascinate you. If you are interested in taking art lessons as well as looking at art in museums, this is the place for you.
  2. Something a little different and somewhat new is the Setia Darma House of Masks and Puppets, just south of Ubud. With 1200 masks and 4700 puppets some of which are rather scary, this might not be the best place to take the littlies. Older children will probably like being a bit scared.
  3. The Agun Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) includes many paintings from people who have had a major influence on the art in Bali, including the German artist, Walter Spies. In the late afternoons or Saturday morning you will be able to watch children practice traditional dancing here.
  4. Subak Museum will tell you all about the water management system that is used to operate the rice paddies in Bali – Subak is the name of it. You’ll also learn how they harvest and clean the rice. This museum is found 2km east of Tabanan, in the village of Senggulan.
  5. The Pasifica Museum at Nusa Dua holds many paintings of Indonesia, though they are not done by the native inhabitants, but by people who visit.
  6. For paintings and other artworks only by Balinese artists go to the Nyoman Gunarsa Museum at Klungkung. Its founder is Bali’s best known artist, Nyoman Gunarsa. You’ll find stone carvings, antiques and masks there as well as paintings.
  7. Museum Situs, Purbakala holds many archaeological finds from excavations nearby that prove the island was inhabited by humans 3000- 4000 years ago.

There are many more museums in Bali to visit and each one offers something a little different from the one before, so why not go on a museum tour to find out all of the many things about Bali culture, arts and crafts?  At the end of the tour you will know a great deal and be able to choose some nice paintings from the many shops in Bali using your new-found knowledge.