We usually think of Bali as one of the most popular places to go for an overseas holiday because it offers access to a different culture, an exotic location, friendly locals and affordable accommodation and other costs.  But when it comes to drug rehabilitation, Bali as a destination is also becoming a popular trend – often for much the same reasons.


The monthly cost of drug rehab in Australia is totally unacceptable and quite impossible for the ordinary person to afford.  An addict has nowhere else to turn if they want to access the kind of rehabilitation that really works. 

In Bali, the addict has the chance to attend rehab centres that offer the best help at an affordable price, since so many things are so much more affordable in that country.  Accommodation, food and the care you receive all cost much less than in Australia, while still being of the same high standard.

Care plus

By going to Bali an addict can find a pleasant location away from bad influences, with the kind of rehab centres that offer compassionate and professional help and health care, counselling and the chance to enjoy themselves once they get over the main health trauma of withdrawal. 

The health care teams in Bali drug addiction centres are highly trained for full health care and offer 24-hour support to all who go there seeking treatment. Their counselling is aimed at finding the triggers that make people want to take drugs and learning how to deal with them in other ways.

So the Bali rehab centres offer health care plus other regimes that are optional but still good to do as they help you to relax and take your mind off all the bad things you might be thinking about, including the desire for more drugs.

Calm setting

A calm setting is essential for a recovering addict. If they are in a setting that is full of urgency and trauma, there is no hope of them becoming calm and they just want to turn back to drugs in order to cope with it all.

In a calm and tranquil setting they are far more likely to recover and become the person they once used to be before the addiction took hold. It is much easier to learn the skills necessary for coping with life in a serene setting where they are treated as a valuable person rather than a criminal addict.


Bali is easy to get to from Australia and it doesn’t require much effort, energy or even expense for the airfare. For all these reasons and more, Bali has become the place to go for drug rehabilitation.

After care

There’s a great after care programme that helps patients to get used to life outside the clinic once they’ve recovered enough.