We can’t go on living in the stone ages, so we have to face the fact that the web, somewhere along the 2000’s, became more of a visual medium than a text-based medium. So, while good ol’ text is still relevant (being the only thing a search engine can find effectively so far), video shows off your product or service like no other kind of content can.

If you’re maintaining a website about Bali tourism, you’ll want to post a video or two showcasing all that Bali has to offer. But you’re in luck! Bali is one of the most delightful regions in the world to view on video. Your only problem will be in choosing from all the options…or web designers (if you haven’t got one already).

#1 The Beach. Obvious choice here, since Bali is surrounded by one. You want to avoid the overcrowded areas like Kuta Beach or Denpasar. Try one of the less-traveled beaches during the off-season, so the camera can show the unspoiled nature. Catch a fisherman or seaweed farmer in the distance. catch some dolphins jumping out of the water.

#2 Scuba diving. An absolute instant sell; check some of the videos already out there on YouTube for “Bali diving.” Tulamben, Padangbai, and Nusa Penida especially have beautiful underwater photography opportunities. Manta rays will swim right up to you and pose, because they’re great big hams. The downside is knowing how to do this right, of course – and how to scuba dive while you’re at it.

#3 Any native ceremony. Nobody puts on a show like the Balinese, be it in an extravagant dance performance or an elegant temple ritual. Be respectful when filming people, of course, and always ask permission before you just follow people around with a camera. Some religious rituals are considered closed to outsiders. The dance performances, however, are specifically there to put on a show.

#4 Shopping. This is often overlooked, but if you hit one of the arts-and-crafts centers of Bali and browse the shops, you’ll have a great opportunity to show a five-minute tour of the wonders of Balinese craftsmanship. Seriously, there really are people who travel just to shop.

#5 The Monkey temple. Be very careful here, not because the monkeys are all that dangerous, but because they’re highly skilled little thieves and years of interacting with complacent tourists has honed their skills in the art of pilfering. Visitors report losses especially of phones, cameras, bottled water, and sunglasses. Some day we’ll go in there and find a whole society monkeys have built from this stuff. But if you can keep a grip on your camera, have your very own monkey video for your site.