Bali West National Park is nature conservation made up of a pure ecosystem that is under the management of a zone system. It’s purpose is tourism, recreation, and education. It’s definitely a must see with its unique ecosystem, beautiful panoramic views, and fresh atmosphere. It is considered one of the top tourism destinations so make sure that you take the time to get there.

You will find Bali West National Park on the west side of the island, about a four hour drive from Bali International Airport, and close to Gilimanuk Port. Some of the park is in the Grokgak sub-district, Melaya sub-district, Sigaraja regency, and Jembrana regency. You should not have any trouble finding the park as you just need to follow the main road to Singaraja town then to Gilimanuk Port or depending on where you are the main road may take you straight to Gilimanuk Port.

According to the Republic Indonesia Forestry Minister the Bali West National Park own 19.002,89 ha which is consisted of 15.587,89 ha land and 3.415 ha ocean. Now that’s big! Its purpose is to protect the ecosystem, including the vast number of flora and fauna species.

Be prepared to have your breath taken away. You will see miles and miles of green, a graduation of hills and valleys complimented by the bay and the sea. 71% of the park is mountain area and protected forest for the lion, forest pig, deer, and a number of other species.

Visitor can
1. Take part in nature education
2. Nature tourism like diving, jungle trekking, camping, snorkelling, bird watching, etc.
3. Religious activity – thee are two Hindu Temples in the park.
4. Research

Enjoy the restaurants right at the Bali West National Park, or stay in a hotel on sight. You might even take one of the many Bali West Tour Packages that are offered. This is definitely one of those places you need to make sure you see. It will give you a true feeling of Bali in its natural state.