The proper name for a Balinese Hindu temple is “pura”, but not all temples in Bali are Hindu. However, Hindu temples in Bali are still the most-visited, as Bali was originally a mix of Hinduism and animism before the Muslim influence arrived. Bali is also called “the island of a thousand puras” because there’s so many of them. They’re also a huge tourist attraction.

A brief round-up of Bali temple links:

  • Mother Temple of Besakih – This is the biggest and most important pura in Bali. The maze of pagoda-style rooftops is staggering. It’s also situated on the slope of Mount Agung.

  • Seven spectacular temples – At this site, a brief roundup of seven temples popular with tourists. Includes Flickr photos, with links to more information.
  • Bali Guide – Has a section on temples.
  • – Has a list of Balinese temples, which fits perfectly.
  • Bali Discovery Tours – Has a tour package offering tours of no less than three temples in one trip.